Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Listen as we discuss: The amazing principle of acclimatization. The incredible Sherpas of Nepal. How Tima contracted COVID-19 in the midst of a climb at 5,000m and kept trying. Discovering your passion and how it keeps you moving forward effortlessly. The importance of spending time alone and learning. Her 1 remaining of the 7 summits: the highest, coldest, and furthest in Antarctica. The undiscovered and underfunded talent in the Middle East.

Tough Girl Podcast

Tima grew up traveling the world collecting bungee jumps and memories of nature and extreme sports. She pursued her licenses in skydiving and advanced scuba-diving but for her, nothing compares to being in the mountains. When on Elbrus, her first summit, Tima knew that this was not yet another hobby; but a natural and essential aspect of her life. It’s where her soul sparkles and her light shines where she feels the best version of herself. So, it was no surprise that she decided to focus on mountaineering.

The Armchair Explorer podcast

Tima Deryan is the first Lebanese woman to summit Everest. Follow her journey step-by-step and learn what it feels like to climb the tallest mountain in the world. It’s a story about freedom; it’s a story about women’s rights and it’s a story about one woman’s determination to live her dreams.

Iron Ladies

In this episode Tima and I talk about being the first Lebanese woman to climb Mount Everest, what her experience was like, how she got into the sport of Mountaineering and what her next steps are.

Life beat – Pulse 95

October is breast cancer awareness month and we hear the story of two extraordinary fighters: Tania Abiad has overcome breast cancer twice and fitness model Max Fardan tells his story of surviving the disease. Inspired by their courageous battles and many others, the first Lebanese woman to summit Mt Everest Tima Deryan is leading a hike at Wadi Shawka in support of those affected by the illness. Tima, Tania and Max as well as Dr Tamer Fady, Consultant Breast Surgeon at Mediclinic join Sally to tell their stories and shed light on breast cancer.

The Kevin Abdulrahman podcast

Youngest Arab To Summit Mount Everest – Tima Deryan With Kevin Abdulrahman. Tima, an entrepreneur, an aspiring motivational speaker, and leader of mentorship programs for the youth and women shares her life story with the audience. She addresses men and women, young or old and shows how there is no summit that can’t be conquered, in any aspect of your life if you’re willing to do whatever it is takes.

Inner Fight podcast – The 7-summit challenge

Meet the Arab woman mountaineer that is pushing the limits of the human body in extreme conditions and taking things to new heights. Tune in to listen  Tima answer questions like:
What drove her to mountaineering?
What is the 7-summit challenge?
What are the challenges of mountaineering?
What drives her to climb?

Inner Fight podcast – Summiting Mt Everest

Some of you may remember Tima from when she shared with us her “7 Summit Challenge” with us. Well here she is back on the show as she has just conquered perhaps the greatest of them all…Mount Everest. Tima is as full of energy in this show as she was the last time she was on, perhaps more as she has just done something amazing.

In this show she takes us step by step up the mountain and it literally is gripping the way that she delivers her story. We also ask her about how this seasons events on Everest were covered in the media with regards to the increased numbers of deaths and the number of people causing human traffic jams in vital places.


Jibber With Jaber podcast

AJ is joined in the studio by Tima Deryan AKA Mountain gipsy. this incredible woman has achieved so much ascending 19 peaks, being the youngest Arab woman to summit Mount Everest, skydiver, scuba diver and much more! we talk all about what peaked her interest and made her want to climb Everest and talk about all f the ups and downs she faced on the expedition. we discuss her passion in being a role model for young women and what she wishes to further achieve. Tima was chosen to participate on the show the astronaut and talks about her experience. She is currently aiming to complete the 7 challenge and we talk about how she is going about raising the funding for this epic journey.