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South Pole

South Pole

Tima became the first Lebanese woman to reach the South Pole. Tima skied to reach the most southerly point on Earth. Through this polar expedition, Tima witnessed the stark beauty and silence of the high polar plateau.

Mt Vinson

Mt Vinson

Mount Vinson is the highest peak in Antarctica, at 4,892 metres. Tima had beautiful climb with a challenging weather with winds being 35 knots and temperature at -40 Celsius. This peak marked the completion of her 7 summits journey – the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. 


The Allalinhorn, standing at 4,027 m, is a mountain in the Pennine Alps in Switzerland. It lies between Zermatt and Saas-Fee in the canton of Valais, and is part of the Mischabel range. Allalinhorn is a glacier-armored triangle with a quite complicated structure. Four curved ridges meet on the summit.

Gran Paradiso

The Gran Paradiso, standing at 4,061m, is the highest mountain entirely within Italy and a constant snowy companion on the southern skyline from the Mont Blanc Massif. Lying in the beautiful Paradiso National Park this is a delightful high mountain area, set above the Italian Val d’Aosta.


Seen from Saas-Fee, Switzerland, the Lagginhorn, standing at 4,010m, clearly dominates the scene with its broad countenance. The mountain stands out for its width and the long rock ledges, which hold remnants of the Lagginhorn Glacier. The northernmost rise in the ridge forms the main summit.


Breithorn is a five-peak, mostly glaciated mountain ridge, with the ridge running from west to east. The highest peak is the west (main) summit standing at 4,164 m. The peak  is part of the Pennine Alps mountain range, located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. 


Tima’s second time on Kilimanjaro – but this time leading a group of 8 young Emirati girls with a target to summit on Emarati women’s day to honor their country. After a challenging week of ascending to 5,890m, the girls arrived safely to the summit. This expedition was focused on leadership development and empowering youth and women.


When the dream came true! After a 2-month expedition on the highest mountain in the world, standing at 8,848m, Tima became the first Lebanese woman and was the youngest Arab to summit mount Everest.


Within the Himalayan range Lobuche East stands at 6,119m and is one of the most scenic peaks. After spending the night at 4,200m in Lobuche basecamp, the hiking and climbing started the next day towards the peak. The climb gets harder from high camp to the summit ascending on fixed ropes to reach the peak. 

Carstensz Pyramid

One of the 7 summits, Carstensz Pyramid is the highest mountain in the Oceania located in Indonesia, Papua. It stands at 4,884m and is considered a technical climb. Going to basecamp through the jungle can be very dangerous due to the roadblocks and traps set-up by the ruling tribes. Tima took a helicopter to basecamp instead and started the climb from 4,200m.


One of the volcanos in Bali that can be booked through any tour operator from Ubud. Tima enjoyed the hike with her mother to the summit and watched one of the most beautiful sunrises from there. After reaching the summit you get greeted by lots of monkeys who are expecting bananas! An easy hike for beginners or anyone that wants to experience the joy of being on a mountain.

Mount Kazbek

One of the mountains that offers prolific  scenery throughout the ascent to 5,000m. It starts at 2,000m with a beautiful hiking trail that crosses rivers leading to a glacier terrain, until you reach Bethlemi Hut at 3680m. The summit push starts at 3:00am and both the seracs and the rockfall make the ascent to the top dangerous. 


Standing at 6,190m, Denali, is one of the 7 summits and the highest mountain in North America located in Alaska. The expedition is around 21 days and starts on snow. The cold environment is a constant companion throughout the climb. Denali is one of the toughest mountains, especially when you carry a 28kgs backpack and pull a 30kgs sled.

Ojos Del Salado

Tima became the first Arab woman to summit the highest active volcano in the world, standing at 6,862m. It is located on the borders of Chile and Argentina. The trail is very dry and as sandy as a beach. Ojos del Salado means the snowy salt eyes and that is what the mountain felt like!


One of the 7 summits and standing at 6,962 m is the highest mountain in the South America located in Argentina. One of the least technical mountains yet so hard due to its brutal pressure. For Tima, it felt harder than Everest on the peak. It was her second time on the mountain, and she tried both routes (Normal and Vacas Valley) – they are equally scenic and beautiful. Her first attempt was in December 2016 and she had to turn back 500m before the summit. Fueled by passion and determination, she summited on her 2nd attempt the following season.


One of the safest and easiest mountains to be on and to experience the altitude in south America. It stands at 5,074m with a trail passing through a military base and filled with beautifully formed glaciers all the way to the peak. It’s very close to Aconcagua basecamp which makes it a nice day hike.

Jabal Shams

The highest mountain in the Arabian Peninsula located in Oman standing at 3,008m. The mountain is a popular sightseeing area located 240 km from Muscat. The hike can be done within a day or 2. It’s a great way to escape the heat as the temperature on the mountain can drop to 6 degrees Celsius during the summer!

Qurnat as Sawda' (the Black Peak)

The highest peak in the Middle East located in Lebanon standing at 3,080m. One of the beautiful mountains to be on during both winter and summer. It is named “The Black Peak” after its perennial snow that gets dark by the end of Summer every year and meets the snow of the next season.

Chukhung Ri

A small peak within the Himalayan range located in the village of Chukhung, Nepal. It stands at 5,550m and is considered one an easy hike. After 5,000m the ridge leading to the summit offers beautiful views of Ama Dablam!

Island peak

A beautiful peak in the Himalayan range standing at 6,187m with a 360 view of 8000er’s. It is an easy trek into basecamp. After 5,700m the climb gets technical as you have to cross crevasses on mounted aluminum stairs. The last 200m to the peak is a vertical snow wall that you need to climb up with fixed ropes.

Mont Blanc du Tacul

It is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif standing at 4,248m. It’s a one day climb to the peak with multiple technical parts. The rocky and icy terrain makes the path to the peak thrilling. Crossing ridges and climbing on edges keeps both the adrenaline and the focus levels high. The last 100m to the summit are the most technical.

Mont Blanc

The second-highest mountain in Europe and the highest mountain in the Alps standing at 4,808m. Staying at the Refuge du Goûter 3815m is an experience on its own! The summit push starts from there and crosses multiple steep ridges. There is no sign on the summit, only mesmerizing views of the Alps.


One of the 7 summits, the highest mountain in Africa located in Tanzania standing at 5,895. Took the Machame route which offers the most scenic views! Every camp is special with its own landscape composition. You reach the cloud level at 4,000m and Meru, the opposite peak, reflects its famous shadow. This is a great mountain for beginners to experience altitude for the first time.


One of the 7 summits, the highest mountain in Europe located in Russia standing at 5,642m. The snowy route makes the climb a little challenging and requires some technical skills. Knowing how to walk with crampons and to self-rescue using an ice axe is part of the experience. Ascending to the summit is challenging but descending from the summit offers heavenly views.